A grand welcome on a small budget

Ellen’s heart beat quickly as she saw the party approaching. As they approached, she lowered herself into a needling position with her head to the ground as a she learned as an acolyte. It was a dramatic showing intended to show respect and more that she was not heavily armed.

“I bid you welcome and peace,” as the she said warmly but loud enough to be heard. The only jewelry that she wore was only her necklace which was visible along with a good portion of her breasts when she bowed this low.

She was in simple robes that were pale in color. She wore a cincture of cords with A few glass balls at the ends. The lights shown the colored blue, green, yellow, and red as the sunlight shined through them. The gifts for them were laid out before her. “I am Ellen, I am to lead you where you are going and answer any questions I am permitted to,” she said keeping her head low and her eyes to the ground.

Her horse shifted at bit with the riders coming and she moved her hand to tell her horse it was okay and it settled down.

“There are those that are stationed along the main road to kill you as infidels,” she said. “I would like to help you as my master bids me.” She did not want to talk about her dream visions, nor the assassins daggers intended for The One Who Speaks and The One When Knows. The One Who Hears would die from the poisons before they would make it to the temple.

“I would like to take you through the woods instead of the main road. It will get us there by the evening prayers and you will not need to camp another night. As those that came to seek your aid seem to have stayed behind, I wish to offer you what aid I can,” she said.

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