Bows, Rice wine, and witches.

Takeda leaned back from the little table and sipped the Sake from the little cup. He never pictured discussing the ancient texts with the Librarian and a Chinese warrior. The necklace that the Librarian gave him to help translate was a little disconcerting at first. Hearing the words and the thoughts was new. After a couple hours of discussion and a few bottles of Sake, it seemed more natural. He was great full they the Librarian had turned the squelch down so only those wishing his arms reach were in his head.

The conversation of who made the best bow was put to an end when the Librarian pulled out a book from the future with a bow that could punch though thick heavy stone and plate armor with the right type of arrow. Then the two of them discussed if the grip should be 2/3 of the way to the bottom or more centered. Towards the end of the evening the three of them were friends and the were going to try to construct a bow of each style. Then both of them would try them out. Takeda was even going to learn how to shoot from horseback. The Librarian did let them know that fire arms over take the bow and exceed it.

The librarian was true to his word and had the ancient scrolls translated into Japanese, though he needed Mitzu to help with some of this as the Japanese was modern, what ever that meant. That evening he dreamed about his wife and daughter and them Mitzu. About two am, an old woman broke into his thoughts and asked him to take the necklace off so they could sleep. The kids climbed into his sleeping mat with him as he fell back asleep. They could feel how much he missed his daughter.

In the morning, The grandmother who had moved into his rooms to care for him and make sure he did not jump out the window or kill himself Said they needed to take her Grandchildren to a village a days ride away, This was where the witches lived. One of them was an elementaists who could talk to the spirits of the metals. The idea fascinated him as that could help him fabricate that bow. She had a diagram of the bow from the book and some target arrows. The good part was his horse would get some exercise.

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