Joe has other worries

Even as they began to move, Joe couldn't keep the pit out of his stomach. He kept turning the silvery band over in his fingers. Somehow, he thought he could smell that scent of hers as he held it. That summery sweet smell he'd breathed of so deeply as they had laid on the bed. He felt so close to her, as if it were her slim, soft hands he was entwining his fingers with rather than a sleek metallic device. And yet it couldn't be hers... It couldn't be...

His mind was so far off where they were going he walked straight into Gil when they halted upon the appearance of the woman down the road. "Oof!" He almost fumbled the device, managing just to snare it by his pinkie finger. "Whoa! Damn, sorry Gil," he said as he clutched the band. "Wasn't paying attention."

He only half-listened as the woman introduced herself. Even her revealing attire didn't take his mind off the bracelet. He nudged Gil and asked quietly: "Hey, you know how to work one of these? Maybe see its last recordings?"

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