The Ark - The City of Temple

Mitzu, could not think of anything she could say to counter what the Believer had said and thus chose to say nothing more on the matter. The reality was that she had been new to this world when the last conflict between the Fall Valley and the Believer’s had taken place. She had felt at the time that she had needed to prove herself and that the Believers were a means to that end. What she hadn’t expected was how easy it had been to butcher the Believers warriors in combat. None had been enhanced and none were truly proficient with the weapons they wielded nor had any concept of combat or tactics. In the end they had been little better than little boys playing soldiers and she had made them suffered for it.

The fact that the Believers still called her the Demon of Fall Valley didn’t bother her nearly as much as the guilt she still felt for murdering the children the Believers had sent as soldiers to die at her hands.

The Temple city of the Believers was a sight to behold. A virtual walled fortress out of some fantasy novel built into the side of a towering cliff holding a population roughly 3 times that of the whole of Fall Valley crowded into an area not even half the size of the Tower.

As they approached the main gates opened and the city guard advanced to greet them with welcome but cautious faces.

“Welcome … welcome Travelers to the Temple City. “The man who greeted them was clearly a man of some importance dressed in long colorful flowing robes raising his hand in welcome to the approaching party. “The One be praised that you have arrived today. Much sooner than we were told and yet just in time. I am Saladin, and I am at your service.”

The half dozen young men in his company all wore expressions of wonder and puzzlement as they examined the new arrivals. Their interest clearly threefold as it became obvious at once that there was no women nor nonhumans to be seen anywhere and that the standard of dress could only be described as dated. The party from Fall Valley were each clearly dressed in unique and individualized styles that were clearly unfamiliar to the Believers.

“Forgive me but the Elder Council do not wish to wait to meet with you and have instructed me to escort you to them as soon as you arrived.” Saladin announced. “ My men will attend to your mounts and belongings. Please if you would please come with me. “

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