In to the Believers city

The woods were beautiful, and they made good time. The arrived earlier than what was expected, and the patrols would be caught off guard. She slid from the horse and took a scroll from her bag and handed it to Robert, “This will get you to safe lodging. I need to go resume my position. I will provide you what aid I can.,” Ellen said looking at each of the members of the group,

Robert dismounted and took the scroll with “thank you for the scroll” he said with gratitude.

The Temple city of the Believers was a sight. It remined Robert of a walled fortress or the forts after the war. Thinking that the tower could use a wall too when they get back. their buildings built into the side of a towering cliff holding a population roughly 3 times that of the whole of Fall Valley crowded into an area not even half the size of the Tower.
As they approached the main gates opened and the city guard advanced to greet them with welcome but cautious faces.

Forgive me but the Elder Council do not wish to wait to meet with you and have instructed me to escort you to them as soon as you arrived.” Saladin announced. “My men will attend to your mounts and belongings. Please if you would please come with me.”

Robert looked at the different people and how they were dressed, armed, there leaders. He took his rife and cradled it in his arms on a none threating way. Walking up just behind to Mitzu he said, “so far not to bad yet” To Mitzu. Robert kept his guard up watching for any thing that could threaten the group.

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