The Ark - The Council of Elders

The man named Saladin led the way through the gates waving away the onlookers that had gathered to witness the arrival of the Party.
Once they were through the main gates there was something of a big show of welcome from the Believers as they walked down the narrow roads of the city. Horns blown from overhead and Flower petals coloring the path before them coupled with the laughter of children from the balcony’s and roof tops above.
“ So far not to bad yet” Robert had commented.
From Mitzu’s expression however it was clear that she was unmoved and unimpressed by the whole display.
“ It’s all bullshit.” She spoke under her breath. “ They welcomed us into the city the same way the last time I was here. Just keep your eyes open and make sure no one gets within arm’s length of Gil. “

Travel through the streets took a surprisingly long time for what was clearly such a short distance. The streets something of a maze with several obvious dead ends and paths that clearly looped back upon themselves.
Nearly 30 mins later the group arrived at the Temple of the One and what was also known as the Sanctuary of the Ark. The architecture of classic Roman style with massive pillars and blocks of whitist marble framing a double doors of gold depicting a great many scenes from Greek and Roman myth.
Passing through the first doors they found themselves standing on the lowered stage of something akin to a classical Roman theatre where several dozens of men from their early teens too the old and infirm where scattered about the benches adored in white robes.
There had been rather energetic conversation taking place as they had entered but that quickly given way to silence as there arrival was met with cold glares and unwelcome expressions.
“ Elders our guests from the Fall Valley.” Saladin bowed most politely to those gathered.

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