Silverlake - The Panic That Followed pt.2

With haste ladies! Don't you fret this old body can keep up. May not be as fast as in my Military days but I do stay active.

Taking hold of Vee's hand gently the Professor followed quickly behind Ky. He certainly was spry for someone his age. Perhaps fear motivating him, perhaps something else.

Miss Ky these Temporal displacements never this far out you say. Never like this?I need to know everything you know about these. I need to see Leonard as soon as it's safe to do so. None you worry Miss Vee, The Professor has you none you worry.

He felt the lose of Sofi but couldn't let himself fall,not yet not now. He had to be strong for the Eloi. Had to be strong for himself. At least til he made sure they were safe.

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