And He Comes With Strange Creatures At His Side...

Passing through the first doors they found themselves standing on the lowered stage of something akin to a classical Roman theatre where several dozens of men from their early teens too the old and infirm where scattered about the benches adored in white robes.
There had been rather energetic conversation taking place as they had entered but that quickly given way to silence as there arrival was met with cold glares and unwelcome expressions.
“ Elders our guests from the Fall Valley.” Saladin bowed most politely to those gathered.

Gil felt the eyes on him, he felt vulnerable. His survival instincts were telling him to run and hide again. He pushed them back down and stood tall, trying to look more confident than he really was. However he soon felt more at ease when he saw Tsaa by his side, saw the others around him. People he was becoming to see as friends, Tsaa in particular was already a loyal companion he had found himself growing fond of.

It was beginning to feel like how it had been before, before he lost everything when he first arrived.

It scared him even more than the eyes on him right now.

Gil once again forced those feelings down, he bowed in response to Saladin. "I am the one who has been sent to see to your Ark. To hopefully return it to it's proper working order. If you'd be so kind as to show me...?"

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