In the temple

The grand room was filled with the elders of the believers. The room quieted as the announcement was made introducing the party’s arrival. She smiled, as she watched. Many of the senior elders had not yet been informed and some of the junior members were ready to attack Mitzu and the party. For Mitzu the hatred was as much for her being a woman in the assembly as her reputation as the Butcher of the Valley. The One who Speaks would have his hands full. The One who Knows would be scrambling searching the library for a tome she had removed and hidden in her bag. They would have to Improvise, that meant mistakes could happen. Lodging would be offered to the group of course, along with promises of protection while here which three quarters of the assembled would disregard, hospitality needed to be shown even if it was not truly being given. The formalities would take place then after a while the One Who Speaks and the One Who Knows would visit with Gil and the party. They would plead with him to fix the Ark, and give him the Key to the hall. She would be able to move when Gil was fixing the Ark. The Ones would be in silence from the Ark and each other, it would be the perfect time to strike. Two more would die then the Ark would restore order, though some will still argue that Gil tampered with the message. She would most likely die on Mitzu’s sword, Allowing them to escape. That part she was not fond of, but she had spent years setting this in motion. It was the only way that the Believers could find peace with those of the Valley. The Ark had to speak to all , again.

She would give the book to Gil when she could. He would need it to handle the Ark safely. People died if they opened it the wrong way and that would ruin the plan.

She waited and watched, glad to just be a serving girl that no one cared about.

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