No Love of Words

The scene before them reminded Mitzu of the tale of Julius Caesar and Ides of March. Not so much based upon events but rather because you had a bunch of guys dressed in white toga’s just standing around waiting for someone to get killed.

Gil was nice enough to addressed the pleasantries of introducing himself followed after by Roberts stepping forward in a move that would divide the Elder Councils attention away from Gil.

One of the elders was seemingly about to speak when Mitzu interrupted him in turn.
“Let’s not waste our time shall we. We are not here for our love of pretty words or to listen to your long winded speeches today.” Mitzu’s voice sounded sharply as she stepped forward. “ We’d like access to the relic so that we can determine its status and establish a time table regarding how long it will take to fix the thing so that we can be on our way.”

Clearly her interruption had infuriated the one who had been about to speak, the man turning a bright red as he struggled to control his anger. Another of the elders however quickly stepped forward making a grand gesture of bowing to the group.
“ Of course, of course … “ He announced. “ But surely a meal and a place to rest after such a long … “

Mitzu motioned with her hand silencing the man. “ The trip wasn’t all that long and you’ll forgive me if I’m not all that keen on the idea of me or any in company being poisoned the first day we’re here.”

There was grumbling and harsh words under the Council members breaths but no objections that where voiced loudly enough to be heard.

“ Of course of course, The Keeper of Keys will be summoned and you will be taken to the sacred chamber.

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