Ellen smiled as Mitzu kicked the hornets nest with her words and actions. She did not understand they could not just march them to the Ark with everyone assembled. To do so would have been paramount to treason, no outsider was allowed to be near the Ark. By declaring this, the elders would have to ask questions. So the assembly had to go through its rituals then the leaders would have to sneak them in to the Ark. Now she just made a play that would put their lives in danger and the Ones. This was perfect!! There no chance to sneak them.

She hoped that they remembered her offer to help them move to a safer spot to work on the Ark. With Mitzu’s statement that people were trying to kill them, those on the fence would be moved against them. She needed them to get the keys then she would sneak in to help them. While they worked she would let the mob, elders know that the Ark was now missing. That would allow her the chance to be a hero by killing the One Who Speaks and the One Who knows.

What happened after that was up to the Ark.

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