“ Lo this place is beautiful but I need to find Cerenity and get home to the Viking the need me” she said. She was confused as to how they could already have a living area for her. What in the world was going one her. She was however thankful for the help when an alarme when off.

“ what is that“ she asked. She looked around seeing several Eloi in the streets starting to pacink. “ it the morlocks” Lo exsplaned. Luna nodded. “ Ok ha there as many of the civilians as you can and keep them out of the way I’ll deal with this” Luna said. She opened her wings and took off shooting nerley twenty feet in the air on a single wing beet.

She saw a strange monsterlike creat her entertaining the picefull city and attacking one of its people. Luna takes her wings and dove turning her body in mid air to bring her feet down on the strang benga chest. “ I’ll give you one chance leave now” she said. Pulling her phaser from it’s holster and aiming the weapon at the violent creatcher.

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