The morlocks demise

Luna fires her weapon at the morlok. Then opened her wings she flared her wings hard three times. Shooting merely 60 feet straight up. Then she dove once again she oriented her body so that her feed hit the morlock stacking Miles square in the back. As made contact she opened her wings and shot back into the air. She hovered firing her laser at every morlok she saw from where she was.

Cerenity looked at Gill. “ I’m Cerenity I’m this many” she said holding up three finger. “ and I’m from the USNS Viking it a Star flees ship the patrols the outermost borders of federation space. I believe it is a Viking class ship one of the first that’s where it gets the name Viking”. She said with a smile. For a moment the child was showing off some of her enteligince. “ I have to find my mommy she came here with me but we got separated” she said posing to hug her stuffed bare. “ she will be ok though nothing can hurt my mommy she’s never lost a fight” Cerenity said.

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