Miles was taken aback by the sight of this winged woman laying waste to the morlocks. The beasts didn't stand a chance against her as long as she was airborne, and with that phaser of hers she was able to straight up disintegrate them, leaving no trace of them.

Miles continued to look on in astonishment while Mia watched through his eyes.

"Did you stay Starfleet?" Gil asked in surprise. "We have a few people from your world here already! Maybe they can help you find your mom."

"I think..." Mia said as she snapped back to her side of the bond. "...I know where her mother is..."


Miles watched Luna wipe out the rest of the morlocks. Soon more machine men arrived to secure the area. When Luna landed Miles went to her, Jen not far behind as the machine men set up a perimeter.

"Wow. That was some flying there... um...?" Miles waited for Luna to introduce herself and then he did the same. "Look. This is going to sound crazy, but I think I may know your daughter... at least... well I know where she is..."

However, before Miles could answer her he noticed that Na was nowhere to be found. "Na? Na? NA?!?" He turned to Jen. "Where is she??? Where is Na?"


Na was being carried by a morlock deep into the subterranean tunnels which had been set up underneath Utopia since its initial founding. Tunnels which led directly into the heart of morlock territory. Na was familiar with these tunnels, she had been taken here before and had used them in her escape. However, she was gripped with fear as those horrid memories filled her mind. The pain, the humiliation, and the blood.

"Yes. You are mine once more, Na..." His voice scratched inside her skull. He laughed, triumphant. "You are mine and this time you will not escape. I underestimated your resolve before, but not again..."

She was dropped onto the stony ground, at the feet of Him. The Noble Morlock who had haunted her since the first time they met... Ky's father...

"Kill me... just kill me..." Na said blankly.

"There would be no point in that," The Noble Morlock said as he pulled her to her feet. "After all... You are mine, and we do have so much catching up to do..."

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