All Traveler's are crazy

" Is this normal ? " Taal inquired as ate watching the exchange back and forth between the Traveler's.

Na nodded as she poured herself and Taal some tea. " All Traveler's are mentally unstable after they first arrive. You just have to weather the storm and hope they don't try to hurt themselves or others."

Taal nodded her understanding as she ate some of the Lizard meat.

" Best to stay out of things until they sort things out on their own. " Na offered. " Speak of which were you able to track down the beast you went looking for. "

Taal nodded between bites. " It moved out of our territory into the land of the Believers. They'll either drive it away or kill it. Either way its not our problem until the next time."

" You should have led these Traveler's into the lands of the Believer's as well and let your boyfriend care for them. " Na offered sourly.

Taal stopped eating giving Na a nasty look. " He is not my boyfriend. "

Na smirked wickedly. " I'm sorry ... Your husband to be ? "

" Bitch... " Taal hissed sharply tossing a piece of half eaten banana at her companion before they both started laughing.


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