Into The Breach

"How do you know where her mom is?" Gil asked Mia.

"She's with Miles... at Utopia..." Mia said.

Gil's gaze darkened. "Utopia...? That's one of the worst places she could've ended up. But if she's with Na..."

Mia pulled Gil aside and looked him in the eye then proceeded to tell him what had been happening on Miles's end. About the morlocks, and Na getting captured.

Gil looked visibly agitated at the news. "This couldn't have happened at a worse time... We need to take care of The Believers, fast."

Gil looked over to Tsaa and gestured for her to come to him. "I'll need your help..."


Miles, Lo, Jen, and Luna descended into the catacombs of the city. The tension was palpable. The very real possibility that morlocks were still lurking down here ever present in their minds. Miles had his katana out, following Luna who had a her strange tricorder device out and scanning for potential threats while also scanning for eloi life signs.

"This is not good." Jen said. "Na is most likely dead. We should go back."

"We're not leaving her behind." Miles said. "Not to those things."

Soon they reached a spot in the catacombs where a new tunnel, clearly dug out by Morlocks, was painfully prevalent.

"I do not understand." Lo said. "The Machine Men patrol these catacombs often, they would have found this..."

"I get the feeling that there's something smelly at the heart of this Utopia..." Miles said grimly. He had long felt that the place was too good to be true. Especially with how the Eloi were treated. And now he was beginning to see just what Na had been trying to tell him. "It looks like they let the morlocks in... to gather eloi for their needs..."

"This cannot be!" Jen exclaimed. "The Machine Men... they keep us safe!"

"Clearly they don't..." Miles said. He looked to Luna. "Mia wants you to know she will do everything to keep your daughter safe. And she's thankful that you're doing this for us. For Na..." He readied his katana and looked at the morlock tunnel. "Alright, let's go..."

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