Joe runs the slur gauntlet

Joe turned to Sofi, a look of hurt confusion on his face. "What? What is 'racist'? Is that like racialism?" He looked between her and Takeda, who seemed completely unfazed by... well, by everything, really. The man had a hell of a pokerface.

Even making the connection with racialism, Joe was still confused as ever. "I didn't insult him though, did I? He's from China or Japan or something, we call 'em chinks, it's what they are, innit? Is chink a bad word in 2020?" Cogs seemed to be spinning in his head. "Is spic bad? Or wog, or redskin, or nigger?" But seeing her eyes widen in horror with every word to the size of saucers told him enough.

He turned towards her, gently picked her multitool, set it aside and took her hands, looking deep into her eyes. "Sofe, we are from different times. It's like being from different parts of the world. Some things I do, you'll take offense with, some things you do, I'll take offense with. We'll have to have a talk about how to handle that. Now," he nodded his head to Takeda and Beatriz as he went on, "in my time, I'd call him a chink, her a spic, and you beautiful, 'cause that's what they are to me. But if calling them that hurts you, I'll try not to. For you. Okay?"

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