Trust In Gil/Exit Utopia

Gil put his hand on Cerenity's shoulder, he knew all too well the fear she was feeling. He had been a bit older than her when he was first taken by the Rankin Slavers, but it was a situation he could understand and sympathize with. Worse yet, this stranger had come in out of nowhere as Robert said his goodbyes, and with Mia now warped out of existence this whole thing was getting out of hand.

"Ease up, Bigus Dickus. This girl is new here and scared. The last thing she needs right now is a giant coming in and bellowing at her." He turned and knelt in front of Cerenity. "Hey? It's going to be okay, you hear me? I'll get you to your mom, I promise. And don't worry about Mia... stuff like this happens all the time here in the SL. Time and space sometimes... glitch out? I can't think of a better way of putting it." He smiled warmly at her. "I know how you feel, Cerenity. I was like you once. I was taken from my home and put in a strange place I didn't know. I had someone look after me, and I'm gonna look after you until we can find your mom, alright? And not just me, my friends too, they will help." He looked to Tsaa and the others. "We are all lost here, in some way or another, and we try to look out for one another. The important thing to know is that Mia no doubt got her brother Miles to tell your mom you're safe with people who will take care of you. And if I know Na, she's already on her way back with your mother in tow."


Na looked visibly disturbed as she watched the tunnel collapse. Miles was gone, she could feel it. The noise of the link between him and his other half was suddenly silenced. And it formed a deep pit in the bottom of her stomach to think that he was gone because of her. A traveler... two travelers in fact... had given their lives for her.

"Not for me..." Na said plainly and then she snapped back to the present. Wrapping the blanket around herself tighter she looked to Luna, a stranger yet a savior. And from the uniform she recognized her as from the world of The Librarian. She could sense the worry and confusion coming off of Luna in waves. She nodded as the processed the information. "If she is with Mia, she is with Gil and the others... With The Believers..." Na opted not to tell Luna that the place was unsafe and a potential hotbed for a major war. But as a mother herself she knew such knowledge wouldn't help the situation. "If anything, you can trust Gil to look after your child. He is a good man... And a trusted friend..."

She looked back towards the cave in. Another connection severed due to her stupidity. Another life lost. It cut her deeply. Yet now wasn't the time to mourn. She had to focus on the task at hand.

"We must return to the Tower. As soon as possible. Come... I know of a place that will grant us a swift route to The Tower..." She started through the group of Eloi who parted the sea before her as she walked. Even after surviving the morlocks... she was still seen as an exile of exiles. She was done with Utopia... she was done being here... nothing but painful memories remained here.

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