Is This Thanksgiving At My House?

Mia and Miles stared at Joe as he rang of a series of slurs that'd make twitter implode from the sheer sense of offense that'd be incurred. Though Mia kinda found it funny. The kid was from a different time, after all. He didn't know better. Miles was somewhat befuddled by the boy's cavalier attitude, though. But again, it was obvious that the boy was a fish out of temporal water.

Once it was clear that Mia was undoubtedly being a little paranoid (though rightly so given their situation) the air in the room relaxed and Mia hungrily ate the cooked lizard meat that had been so graciously provided.

And then something interesting happened.

Mia bit down into the meat and found it to be somewhat bland. It was a little overcooked for her tastes and it could've used some sort of seasoning. It didn't taste like chicken. And while her belly was thankful for the food, she was beginning to wish she had a thick steak in front of her.

Miles, on the other hand, very much enjoyed the lizard meat. It reminded him of some great venison his dad had hunted and cooked when he was a kid.

And when each tasted the same meat, they got both reactions at once through the link. Miles was confused at the disgust, and she the joy of a savory morsel.

It was creating an paradoxical feedback loop where their taste buds were sending them mixed messages.

Mia laughed. "Oh my god, that is sooo weird!" She frowned quizzically as the gears turned in her head. Miles felt the rush of an idea coming from her. "Hey, hey! Take another bite of it..."

"What?" Miles frowned.

"No seriously! Just humor me for a moment. Eat more of that stuff." Miles complied and bit into a juicy, savory chunk of the lizard meat. It was tasty. And Mia licked her lips. "Wow... I can... I can taste that!"

"Really?" Miles was confused.

"Do it again!" Mia insisted.

Miles complied again, he wasn't going to pass up another bite.

"My god, why does it taste better with you're eating it???" Mia exclaimed, somewhat amused and somewhat miffed. "Look... lemme try..." She bit into some more meat and chewed. It was far less pleasant than when Miles had eaten it. And he could sense that.

"Oh man, that was you? How can that taste like that when it's the same stuff?"

"Matter of perspective?" Mia shrugged. "Hold on... let's try something." She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the static of the link and Miles' mind. "Now you eat while I eat. M'kay?"

Miles took a bite. Mia did as well. And as she chewed she focused hard on Miles' response to the food instead of hers. And much to her surprise, she found herself liking her food much more. She bit into another slice, again "tuning" herself to Miles' mind, and again the meat tasted better. It was like she'd swapped taste buds with him at the moment. "Oh man, this is weird and cool at the same time."

Miles couldn't help but be curious. "Let me try that."

"Okay, give me a sec... I gotta rejigger my juju or whatever..." She closed her eyes and breathed and let her mind fall back to where it was before she focused on Miles. "'Kay, I think I got it..." She grabbed another piece and popped it into her mouth while Miles strained to sync up his mind to hers.

When he took another bite he looked rather disappointed. "Damn, Mia. It's not that bad!"

"To me it is!" Mia chuckled. "Let's just eat it with your mind, okay?"

The two of them must've looked like a pair of lunatics.

So the room was full of strange people hurling slurs around the dinner table while the more immature people played with their food. And one of them was no doubt thinking of ways to kill the others should the need arise.

All in all, it was a fairly typical Thanksgiving dinner, if it was Thanksgiving that is...

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