Restrained show of pride

Takeda continued to watch the scene play out. Joe actually showed some promise trying to defend Sofi. He had poor form and both of them would have died from a belly wounds if she was going to kill them. Joe did not even know how to hold her hands so he was ready to fight. Having his arm behind hers let her control his actions. Twisting with an arm across her shoulder opened them both up from one side. But the movement was a positive sign. He might be able to teach him something.

At the meal, he watched the small woman in white and listened. He listened to Joe’s description and sequencing. The word “Chink” had no meaning to him. Joe’s tone was mater of fact so Takeda took little notice of it.

When Sofi took offense, he rose and stared at Joe and made a guttural growl. When Joe started to explain it kind of made sense, he had been called oriental In England never chink.
“I am not broken armor, a chipped tea cup, or a wall that needs to be caulked,” he said. He was intent looking at Joe to gauge his reaction. He could see Sofi and watched her body language. He picked up some lizard and put it in his mouth then walked to the window to look out.

“In my time, there are stories about small pale women wearing white clothing, witches or spirits. They come bring sorrow or joy then disappear,” he said as he moved. “In the Chinese writings, they would bring death to those they encountered,” he continued.

He paused trying to get his words in order.

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