Echo groaned as he blinked behind his mask and slowly sat up to glance around. What surrounded him was not the forest of Revveneria that he was accustomed to, but a sandy beach. In fact, water was splashing up against his dark boots.

Rising to his feet, he dusted off his pants and turned in search of the familiar form of his sister. She was already sitting nearby with hands over her ears and letting out clicks, which was common for their mornings. "Whisper," He murmured and made his way to her, hating how the sand felt beneath his boots. "They do not control you. Remember this, sister."

Crouching next to her, he reached toward the girl and noticed how sweat coated her dark skin. She was biting at her bottom lip and letting out little whimpers, gold eyes falling to his hand with hostility, a sign she was unable to handle touch at the moment.

Getting the hint, he simply stayed crouched next to her and reached to his back to grab the axe sheathed there. "We are obviously not home. There is no beach where we slept." The breeze ruffled at his headdress as he glanced around to keep an eye out for danger.

Whisper kept her ears covered and was following her older brother's lead by glancing around the area. Despite the voices constantly screaming and whispering words in her ears, she still had the instincts of a warrior and hunter. She would not let him down like when her mental illness had first risen.

"It will be fine, Whisper." He told her, holding his axe at the ready for anything. "I will figure out where we are."

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