Ky merely nodded as she gestured for Luna to follow her. They made their way further up the tower, the view through the windows revealing the vast, overgrown city that surrounded it. When Ky reached the floor she intended to reach she veered down a corridor which led to a large room that appeared to be something similar to stables. However, instead of horses, there were pteranodons residing in the stables.

A Valkyrie, one of the Tower's elite protectors, a statuesque woman with dark hair regarded Ky with a respectful nod before getting one of the large, flying reptiles ready for her. Ky looked to Luna.

"I do hope you will be able to keep up?" Ky said. "Normally, we wouldn't use these beasts to reach The Believer's temple... however we need to move fast. Events here have been deteriorating and we need Gil..." She seemed to hold the name in front of herself, the mention of Gil's name making her pause as the slightest of smiles curled the corner of her lips for a split second. "He is the one who developed the technology to keep anomalies away from The Valley... Come... Your daughter is waiting as well.."

She clambered onto the pteranodon and clicked her tongue to get it to leap over the edge and out into the air. Ky soared through the air as she turned to look and see if Luna was following her.


Gil had set up the holographic projectors in the places he felt would grant them the best projection quality. His plan was already taking shape. Once the last of the old guard had been "dealt" with, he would play a pre-programmed holographic image that he had been working on since he'd spoken to The Ark. The intent was that the hologram would make for a convincing "miracle" for The Believers to nominate the young girl The Ark wished to become the new Listener. He had made sure to give Ellen the controller for the projectors before the group gathered to prepare for their return journey.

He eventually returned to Cerenity and Tsaa as they fed Martius's elephant. He felt a sense of relief that the child seemed no worse for wear. He smiled at the small girl as he looked to Tsaa and nodded in thanks.

"See? Not so scary is it?" Gil said as he pet the war elephant.


Taal perched herself on a nearby branch looking out on the beach where she saw two new Travelers arrive with thanks to Gil's anomaly detector. She had been looking into the sensors he'd placed throughout the Fall Valley when her device went off.

"The Savage Lands take and they give..." She said in broken Russian. She watched the strangers, they seemed to be somewhat primitive, yet it was clear they were somewhat civil. However, the female was acting strangely. The male attempted to care for her, but relented when she shot daggers at him.

After studying the two for a moment, Taal reluctantly opted to clamber down from the tree and go to greet the strangers.

"Do not be alarmed..." Taal said as she stopped within earshot of the duo and raised her hands in a show of peaceful intent. "My name is Taal. I can take you someplace safe where you can find out where you are..."

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