Cautious Behavior

After studying the two for a moment, Taal reluctantly opted to clamber down from the tree and go to greet the strangers.

Hearing the sounds of movement, Echo quickly put himself between Whisper and Taal. Keeping a tight grip on his axe, he awaited the stranger's arrival with obvious hostility.

"Do not be alarmed..." Taal said as she stopped within earshot of the duo and raised her hands in a show of peaceful intent. "My name is Taal. I can take you someplace safe where you can find out where you are..."

Whisper got to her feet and tugged at her brother's arm, making clicking noises. Echo offered her a small glance, determined to stay alert as he watched Taal's every move. "Yes, Whisper, she is real..." He muttered before speaking to Taal. "How do I know you can be trusted, woman? We don't even know how we got here." Looking Taal up and down, he attempted to assess her and felt no ill intent, relaxing a fraction, but not much. Living on a constantly hostile planet had made it practically impossible to relax.

Tilting his head to the side, he let Whisper hold onto his free hand tightly. "Taal, is it? I don't trust you as of yet, but we'll see. Where is place?" Cooperating was his was of keeping his younger sister safe at all costs.

Whisper constantly glanced around, one hand always on a dagger while she clung to her brother.

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