The Why, How, and Where ...

" I do not know of these stories... " Na acknowledged turning her attentions away from Taal to the one named Takeda. " As for others of my kind, they do not tell stories nor seek knowing anymore than they must. Most in fact care very little for anything that requires much in the way of thought or deed."

She turned her attentions to the others than.

" I'm sure most if not all gathered here have asked themselves why many many times in the span of the day but as I have told the Traveler's I have encountered before you. There is no why ... or at least none that I can Fathom. Mother who was a brilliant woman and well versed in a great many things had some small insight or understanding of why, but Mother's was a mind that reached well beyond this place."

Na paused than thoughtfully.

" Often she would tell me that the Why is the least important question that one could ask. Telling me it was the How that was most important. The only people who might have some understanding of that question however are the Machine Men who live in the Machine City. "

She paused letting them absorb what she told them.

" Where is a question that I do have some small understanding. The land is called 'Scartera' by those of us that know it." She offered. " Many of the Traveler's I have met before you however often call it the Savage Lands and pass that name amongst themselves."

This place here is called the Fall valley and is safe enough for those that call it home but beyond the Valley is a fearful place filled with a great many beasts and terrors that are often impossible for me to easily describe in words alone."


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