Tilting his head to the side, he let Whisper hold onto his free hand tightly. "Taal, is it? I don't trust you as of yet, but we'll see. Where is place?" Cooperating was his was of keeping his younger sister safe at all costs.

Taal observed the duo, it was clear the girl was disturbed in some way, and the man was wary. Taal had to be delicate here. She nodded in understanding to Echo's words. "Understandable, I promise I wish you and your sister no harm... if you follow me, I will take you to The Tower. My home." She gestured for them to follow. "Come. It isn't safe out in the wilds..."

Taal led the siblings into the jungle, making sure not to make sudden movements. It didn't take them long to reach the tower, which was a massive building that seemed embedded into the rockface of a nearby cliff overlooking an overgrown city. Taal looked to the duo.

"This is The Fall Valley, my home and a place many travelers from other worlds come to when they first arrive here... in The Savage Lands..." She gestured to The Tower. "This is The Tower, the place of refuge for many including the exiled eloi from the city of Utopia... as well as various travelers who have decided to stay and call the Savage Lands home..." She took them to the tower and upon arriving were met by a number of young-looking blonde women, all beautiful, and all wearing togas made of sheer fabric which left little to the imagination. They already began to coo their curiosity and interest in the newcomers. However Taal's emotions told them to keep their distance.

Then Taal came to a halt, surprised to see Na had returned. She embraced her and the two shared a warm glance before they looked back to Echo and Whisper.

"Newcomers?" Na asked. "The world is constantly changing it seems." She nodded to Echo and Whisper. "Welcome, you are safe here. The eloi here will provide you anything you desire and a room will be provided for you both. Rest... and gather your strength... you will need it..."

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