Too Many Questions

"Understandable, I promise I wish you and your sister no harm... if you follow me, I will take you to The Tower. My home." She gestured for them to follow. "Come. It isn't safe out in the wilds..."

Echo narrowed his eyes from behind the mask as he followed Taal, gently pulling Whisper along. "From my understanding, there are no safe places..." He commented and kept his senses on high alert for anything that might attack. Knowing his sister, he was positive she could take care of herself in a single opponent fight, but this place reminded him too much of home.

"This is The Fall Valley, my home and a place many travelers from other worlds come to when they first arrive here... in The Savage Lands..." She gestured to The Tower. "This is The Tower, the place of refuge for many including the exiled eloi from the city of Utopia... as well as various travelers who have decided to stay and call the Savage Lands home..." She took them to the tower and upon arriving were met by a number of young-looking blonde women, all beautiful, and all wearing togas made of sheer fabric which left little to the imagination. They already began to coo their curiosity and interest in the newcomers. However Taal's emotions told them to keep their distance.

Whisper was on high alert. The sight of the eloi women made her extremely uncomfortable and she started to pull a dagger from its sheath. Her brother's hand quickly grabbed onto her wrist tightly, almost bruising.

"No," He ordered sternly and watched Taal and Na interact. "They mean us no harm...for now. Besides, those women seem more interested in something else, sister."

Though she did not believe him, Whisper returned her dagger to its sheath and glared at the women threateningly. The voices were telling her lies, telling her these people were sinful and wrong. A part of her wanted to listen to their commands and attack, but her brother's overpowering voice always seemed to win. Making effort to cooperate, she simply beat her fists against her hips in a gentle motion as a distraction.

Returning his axe to its place on his back, Echo gazed at Taal and Na. "You called this place...Savage Lands. What do you mean by that? Is this not Rivveneria?" He felt irritation building in the back of his mind. There were too many unknowns occurring around him all at once. "What do you mean by provide anything we desire? We are hunters and desire little more than the chance to hunt food. Well, Whisper does anyway..." His eyes glanced back toward the blonde women with curiosity.

Whisper elbowed him in the side rather harshly with a snap of her teeth.

"Fine, fine..." He muttered. "I prefer red heads anyway."

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