Back To The Tower

Gil smiled. "Good, alright... I should probably speak to The Ark one last time before we go..." Gil looked to Ky again, his rising anxiety no doubt being picked up by her. He knew how to throw off empaths and telepaths, he had dealt with similar entities before. However, with her, he found it even more difficult. She tilted her head at him and looked to Luna.

"I'm gonna go with him, see what this Ark is all about... if you don't mind?" Ky looked to Gil questioningly. She did indeed sense his anxiety. For as long as she'd known him she made him feel that way. And a part of her knew it was because she was part-morlock. Everyone was wary of her in The Tower because of it, because of that side of her she often had to fight. But Gil... Gil was the worst of them all. He made her feel uncomfortable every time they were in the same room. And she hated it. She hated that he hated her... Yet she felt compelled to suffer him. Only making matters worse.

"I don't mind..." Gil said, shrugging.

As the two of them walked the tension became so tense it was like a massive block between the two of them. Gil throwing up walls of memories and emotions to hide his own anxiety and Ky herself knowing full well it was because he was afraid of her. Yet neither of them spoke as the reached the entrance to The Ark's chambers. Joy was there, almost as if she had anticipated their arrival and without a second thought led the two of them into the Ark chambers.

Ky regarded the eloi harem with a hint of curiosity and disdain. Curiosity because they had clearly been altered from the standard eloi template, and disdain because those morlock instincts had kicked in at the sight of them and that made her feel worse than she already had been feeling being next to Gil.

Joy soon stopped at the foot of the stairs and her eyes glazed over as The Ark took her. "Thank you for returning, Gil." The Ark looked to Ky. "Ah... The Halfbreed..." A small smile formed on Joy's face. "A welcome visit. And certainly a fortuitous one. You both are on a path that will see you face many tribulations together..."

Ky looked to Gil with a frown. That didn't bode well. Gil didn't look back, yet she knew he was aware of her. In fact he was painfully aware of her.

"Gil... you will be pleased to know that your plan will work. My friend will be named the new Listener of The Ark and hopefully it will bring a much needed balm to my woes. However, it seems Fate demands you be elsewhere. I fear we may not meet again for sometime. However I am confident in your capabilities... however I must leave you with a warning... one for both of you..."

Gil frowned, curious.

"The journey you are on will threaten to bring out the darkness inside you both. Trust in one another so that you do not go astray. If you do not, the dark half will become your whole..."

Then The Ark left Joy. "My master bids you good travels..." She bowed and waited for Gil and Ky to leave.

They returned to the stables, the group had gotten themselves ready with Tsaa warily eyeing the horses and elephant. However, Ky looked to her pterodactyl and then to Gil. "Probably best if you rode with me, the others shouldn't be far behind if we travel slow."

Gil felt his heart skip a beat, yet he nodded all the same in spite of his reservations.

Mitzu looked to Ky. "I will guide the others along the weirding road... it should take us a lot less time to get back to The Tower than it did getting here."

Ky put her hand on Mitzu's shoulder and placed her forehead to hers. "Be safe, that road is still dangerous... I would've brought flyers with me but it was important I get Gil back quickly... Mother she..."

Mitzu shook her head. "Fear not, they are safe with me, and with this nonsense with The Believers taken care of I am slightly more at peace. Go. Our home needs you and Gil."

Ky nodded and hopped onto her pterodactyl. "Come on, Gil..."

Gil reluctantly clambered onto the flyer and sat behind Ky. She frowned and put his arms around her torso. "Hold tight..."

Gil felt anxious again. Her white hair was in his face, it smelled like lilac, and while her pale complexion and dark aura made it seem like she was icy cold to the touch she was in fact very warm. Gil's heart was pounding in his chest. All the while Ky was sensing his discomfort and it was all she could do to not just throw him off her bird right then and there and let the fool walk.

Tsaa looked to Gil with concern. Gil nodded to her. "It's okay, go with Mitzu and we shall reunite at The Tower." He said in parcel tongue.

Tsaa nodded, though she read his body language and had to stifle a hissing laugh. It was plain to see to her that her godman was rather smitten with the pale girl. And she was blissfully unaware of it.

The landbound part of the group watched Ky and Gil soar off with the two winged girls not far behind them. Mitzu looked to Tsaa and Martius as she hopped onto her horse and nodded. "We will be taking The Weirding Road back to The Tower. It is an anomalous road, though quick it poses many dangers. If we are lucky, we shall arrive at the tower around the same time as Gil and Ky... But be cautious... Many who travel The Weirding Road have been known to get lost..."

She led the group out of The Believer's territory and to a desolate and overgrown stretch of highway which seeemed to cut right through the jungle. How they had not seen it before, nor why they hadn't taken this route to get to The Ark in the first place was no doubt a mystery known only to Mitzu, but it mattered little. The air was thick with an odd electricity that seemed to poised to claim the first person to wander away from the group, yet Mitzu led them through until she had them veer off the road and back into the jungle. They reached The Tower soon thereafter, and once they were off the highway it seemed to vanish.

Gil and Ky were already there, in fact Mitzu and the others had somehow managed to arrive just before Gil, Ky, and Luna and Cerenity had arrived. An oddity to be sure but one that was typical in the SL.

From there, they went to the conference room in the tower where Gil was pleased to see Ky's mother, Na waiting. However it seemed that she too had lost many of their newcomers to the strangeness of the world.

"Gil, I'm pleased to see Ky found you swiftly." Na said with a slow nod. "We have a serious problem and I fear it may be a prelude to a major attack. Your countermeasures for keeping anomalies out of The Valley seem to have failed, we have lost many so far. We need you to look into it, and I strongly recommend Ky and anyone else able to fight to join you..." She looked to Martius, Luna, and Echo. "If you would be so generous? Go with Gil, see he is protected as he tries to fix his machines?"

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