Whisper tugged on Echo's arm and pointed at the arrivals, frowning. She was beginning to feel far more uncomfortable, used to being alone in the wild of their home. What she really wanted to do was go into the forest again, disappear among the trees and foliage to pick herbs and hunt wild game.

Echo, on the other hand, was a little distracted by the eloi. It had been a long time since he'd been around another woman that was not his sister. "I get it," He muttered and crossed his arms over his chest. "What is it, Whisper?" He looked in the direction she was pointing and raised an eyebrow beneath the mask. "More people we don't know. What are those clothes?"

Whisper shrugged.

"I didn't expect an answer..." Echo walked toward Na, Gil, and Ky and stopped just out of arms length of them. "I still need answers..."

Close behind him, Whisper pressed against her brother's back and peered around him, glaring up at Gil with those gold eyes of hers. She was perplexed by the gear he carried, unsure of what truly think of the young man. A hand slipped beneath her cloak to grip onto a dagger handle for safety measures.

"Whisper," Echo warned. "Keep that up and I'll let those blondes teach you how to be a real woman."

Face going red, Whisper dropped her hand and hissed at him. She did not like that he would even suggest handing her over to women. That did not stop her constant glare at Gil.

Chuckling, Echo ruffled up her hair. "Maybe you should have given that boy a chance last week, then." Returning his gaze to Na and the others, the frown could almost be seen in his eyes through the mask. "Exactly what is going on?"

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