Na looked to Echo and nodded. "You are now in a place many here call the Savage Lands. A world that seems to be the proverbial dumping ground of all of space and time. Many people from various worlds end up here, lost on the currents of time." She looked to Tsaa. "Some from distant pasts..." She then looked to Gil. "Others from far futures... All now faced with a choice..." Her gaze returned to Echo. "You are under the protection of The Tower, this is a kindness we share to all and ask nothing in return... however... if you should feel the need any aid you can provide will be much appreciated. You seem a strong warrior... no doubt you are more than capable of defending others if the way your mate hides behind you..." She shrugged. "I merely ask that you look after our Gil. He is a master of technology and it is his work that has kept The Valley safe from the various time-related anomalies which threaten to consume any and all unlucky to fall into their path. Technology that appears to be broken and in need of repair. However they do not call this place the Savage Lands for no reason. Many vicious creatures call the jungle home. Protect Gil, and yIt is up to you, stranger..."

Meanwhile. Tsaa had her hand on her own dagger as she eyed Whisper suspiciously. She did not like how the strange girl eyed her godman.

Ky herself was keeping an eye on the girl too, she wasn't about to let someone hurt Gil. He was too valuable a commodity.

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