When Do We Leave?

Echo blinked at Na for her words and took a moment to calm himself. "Whisper is NOT my mate. She is my sister." There was a frustrated growl in his voice as he spoke, recalling all the times people in their own world said such a thing. "She's just very...naive." Pressing a hand down on her head, he gently pulled her off. "Stop acting like a damned child."

Whisper snorted and stepped to the side, hugging her own stomach. Now that she was outed for her behavior, she was refusing to look at anyone, especially Tsaa.

Sighing and shaking his head, Echo returned his attention to the others. "We can help, but my sister stays with me no matter what. If left alone too long she can have...episodes. I will make her behave." Looking at Gil, he shifted in discomfort. "I don't know much about technology, but Whisper and I can keep you safe when you're working. I'm more of a hunter, but she's a warrior that can take down big game on her own. Don't let her small size fool you."

Smiling, the only thing that made her appear truly pleasant, Whisper nodded and pointed out her many weapons along with her bow and arrows. Patting some of the pouches strapped to her legs, she poked Echo for help.

"Oh, right," Echo added. "She's also a doctor." Scratching at his neck, he adjusted the mask over his face, a part of his jaw almost visible for a moment, revealing the edges of scars. "I'm not one for resting much, so when do we leave?"

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