Unknown world

The Ship Graveyard

Charles awoke, gasping. The last thing he saw was a barrel falling towards him. He had a killer headache, he looked up and saw that the barrel that knocked him out was now across the ship, his cell door busted down. He rubbed his head in pain and slowly got on his feet, he wandered around the now empty ship. He went up the the floor above his cell, the Valion chemicals were untouched, due to the being locked inside reinforced containers. He gave a relaxed sigh as he explored the ship. The next floor was missing, it lead up to open outside of whatever this place was. He saw a graveyard of thousands of ships, some highly advanced others very primitive. "What is this place?" He swore he could see people walking around, only one thing came to his mind. "Don't let the Valion chemicals be discovered." He quickly when down the floor and found a combat knife, this would be his home now, no matter where he was, these chemicals should never fall into anyone's hands. He sat down in the middle of the floor and waited for a fight.

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