Ven and the other eloi stepped through the brush and out onto the beach. The shoreline was peppered with the wrecks of various ships from various time periods and worlds. And it seemed that a new one had just arrived. The Machine Men insisted the gatherers be calm as they surveyed the wreck. Ven was always curious, however and couldn't wait to explore a new ship. This one looked more advanced than many in the Shipwreck Graveyard. Where most were made of wood with cloth sails this one was made of metal and had no sails to speak of. She wanted to know why.

So much so she ignored the warning of the Machine Men guards who were scanning the immediate area for threats and swam towards the new wreck. Her eloi sisters didn't even notice she was gone, keeping her thoughts and intentions silent was a skill she had long mastered.

Clambering into the ship through a large crack she found herself in a large cargo bay full of wooden boxes and ropes. She found a set of stairs and clambered out of the water and began to explore. The place smelled strange, like the oil of the machine men in a way but dirtier. She would use her Memory Link to take snapshots of things that interested her, like symbols and items she found. Some of the more interesting she would put into her basket which was half full of fruit from gathering earlier. It would keep anything she brought back from being found by the machine men.

And then she heard crying.

Following the crying led her to a man in a cot who kept repeating the phrase "Why did I survive?"

Curious, she stepped into the room and moved around to the man's front, all the while tilting her head in curiosity. "Hello there." She said, her warm honeyed voice piercing the cold air in a way that no doubt would startle the man.

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