Stay back

And then she heard crying.
Following the crying led her to a man in a cot who kept repeating the phrase "Why did I survive?"
Curious, she stepped into the room and moved around to the man's front, all the while tilting her head in curiosity. "Hello there." She said, her warm honeyed voice piercing the cold air in a way that no doubt would startle the man.

Charles quickly sat up and grabbed the knife he had next to him, "Who the hell are you!?" He was so busy with his thoughts he didn't hear this person enter the floor until they spoke.
However once he se that they were just a young woman he slowly lowered the knife, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you." He looked over at the Valion chemicals that glowed their respective colors. "Look, I don't know who you are or why you are in this ship, but please leave. This ship contains dangerous chemicals." He motioned to the thousands of canisters that contained the mutagenic chemicals.
He rubbed his eyes, the girl was odd. She was wearing strange clothing, then agian e was in a strange new world, was she human? She looked like one. He couldn't be sure and if she was, it gave him more of a reason to guard the chemicals.
He swore he could hear other people and something metal. "Did you come with others!?" It might be a time to panic.

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