Safety isn't a necessity

She offered Charles his hand and smiled a big, warm smile. She could sense his unease, and hoped to ease him with a friendly smile and promise of safety.

Charles became very panicked, there were people coming here and they would discover the chemicals, this world when then be plagued by inhumans if they found out what the chemicals promised. Machine men, whatever they were they didn't sound nice, maybe they are as bad as the Valions or woarst. He quickly got and ran to one of the canisters, he grabbed a injector vial and filled it up with Chemical A, "Look lady this place isn't a place you should be, I don't need safety. I have a job, and this job is to stop anyone from getting these chemicals. Now get out before you make me do something I'll regret." He could hear the metallic sound getting closer. "Tell your friends to leave as well, or else!" He threatenly held the injector needle to his neck.

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