Friend or Foe

Tsaa did not interfere with Whisper or Echo, merely watched the one named Smith for his reaction, even as her eyes searched the crowd for the "samurai looking fellow" that Smith described. She didn't know that word, it made no sense to her, but it seemed to have some import.

Once she was certain that Smith was unharmed she turned her attention to the siblings, bending first to retrieve the fallen mask, handing it gently to Echo. She noted the scars, but said nothing at this moment. She seemed to have little to say. A few gestures directed at Whisper once she seemed to have calmed down, asking if she was better now.

If Whisper seemed settled she gave a shrug and led the way through the marketplace to Herth's booth. For the moment she had seemed to ignore Smith or perhaps she hadn't spoken to him for her own reasons nor had she otherwise made any acknowledgment of the threat. She had not offered treatment of the scratches inflicted upon Echo either, though that had more to do with not wishing to embarrass either of the siblings in front of the stranger.

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