Masks and Unhappy Arrival

Echo chuckled lightly, which made the left side of his face form more of a grimace than the smile the opposite produced. "She didn't say anything negative." He corrected in a kinder tone, glancing to Tsaa and Whisper.

Herth smiled at her and looked to the mask. "Need a replacement? I have a number of masks, no doubt more durable than that one if you so desire?"

Slightly embarrassed as he pulled off his headdress and shook out his unruly hair, Echo blew some of the white locks from his face. "Well, I do need a new one. Durability would be appreciated." Gold eyes narrowed down at his sibling in an accusatory manner. "Perhaps to keep someone from breaking it more...what all do you have?"

Whisper silently huffed and turned back to watch Kitsunezaru, trying to use the correct gestures. She simply wanted the little samurai to come out of hiding, wondering what exactly he wanted with them.


Upon arrival to this strange place, Jin'Lor Venneroe felt as if the whole place was against him. As if landing in the ocean was not bad enough, he had been attacked by some strange animal and learned his healing ability had been cut down to half, at least. His blood was still as black as ever, but the healing ability had taken too long for his liking.

Thank God the wound had not been fatal.

Looking up toward the tower he had seen in the distance, he frowned. It was the first thing he had spotted upon arrival. Despite his wariness of everything in this world that was obviously not Earth, curiosity got the better of him. It kept him going, at least.

So, a hand lightly touching one of his knives, he walked up to the Tower, biting at his bottom lip with worry.

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