What the Samurai seeks

Zaru looked on intently upon the Reptilian Delegate and those who traveled with her. He watched, waiting to make absolutely clear that this wasn't another trap developed by the Feline Dominion. He watched the servant female watching him.

He worked his fingers and hands through what he could recall of the Reptilian Republic speak. I should have paid more attention to my studies than the sword at times. The sign of friend was given followed by what he hoped was the gesture for no harm.

Zaru believed now was as good as anytime to introduce himself to the Delegate and her followers. He stood to his full height of 3.5 feet. No longer skulking around he walked with confidence towards the group.

Dākuenjeru Spoken first in the language of the Samurai.

Hello Spoken second in the tongue of the Ship Merchants.

Lastly he moved his fingers cautiously afain in the sign of Friend.

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