False Faces and Room and Board.

Herth smiled at her and looked to the mask. "Need a replacement? I have a number of masks, no doubt more durable than that one if you so desire?"

Slightly embarrassed as he pulled off his headdress and shook out his unruly hair, Echo blew some of the white locks from his face. "Well, I do need a new one. Durability would be appreciated." Gold eyes narrowed down at his sibling in an accusatory manner. "Perhaps to keep someone from breaking it more...what all do you have?"

Herth brandished a reptilian smirk as he guided Echo to a large shelf full of masks. Some clearly weren't meant for a human. Others were far more familiar

Herth nodded to Echo. "Feel free to peruse at your leisure, and as I said before, take what you wish. Travelers on missions for The Tower are given special dispensation and can take whatever they feel will help them complete their task."

Zaru believed now was as good as anytime to introduce himself to the Delegate and her followers. He stood to his full height of 3.5 feet. No longer skulking around he walked with confidence towards the group.

Dākuenjeru Spoken first in the language of the Samurai.

Hello Spoken second in the tongue of the Ship Merchants.

Lastly he moved his fingers cautiously afain in the sign of Friend.

Herth was the first to greet Zaru, "Welcome newcomer. Do not worry yourself, you are among allies. The Tower is a safe haven for travelers through the Savage Lands."


Luna smile she stood curling her wings around herself and Cerenity. “ you may be right, though I need to find somewhere to rest you would not happen to know anywhere” Luna asked with a smile.

Spock nodded and gestured for her to follow him. He led Luna and Cerenity to the living areas in The Tower and gestured to one of the many doors. "I am sure you will find these quarters more than accommodating. It will certainly be far more agreeable than a typical ensign's quarters on board a starship..." He raised an eyebrow with a small smile as he opened the door.

The room was indeed very hospitable.

"Should you require any help, feel free to ask one of the many eloi here, they will accompany you." Spock said.

"That will not be necessary, sir." The voice of Lo, Luna's eloi companion from Utopia, said firmly. "I will see to them myself."

Spock raised his eyebrow, shrugged and nodded to Luna, bidding her a good night.

Lo smiled as she tilted her head at Luna. "Oh, love. Look at your baby girl so tired! Come let's get her to bed. Do you want something to eat or drink before you go to bed yourself? I can make you anything. Or... if you'd prefer to lay with me? I am yours, after all."

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