What Is A Samurai

Echo nodded calmly to Herth and looked over the masks until he found one more suited to his needs. Grabbing it, he checked if the mask would fit properly before returning to Whisper with it and spotting Kitsunezaru. He only caught the last gesture that the lemur made, noting how his sibling grew happier at the sight.

Whisper smiled to Kitsunezaru and gestured toward her brother, Smith, and Tsaa. It was her attempt at letting the little samurai know they were together. With more movements, she tried to explain the situation, but the earlier outburst had exhausted her and she was finally ready for rest.

With a wave of the mask in hand, Echo shrugged. "We should head back so we can rest. I feel like tomorrow is going to be...chaotic." He explained with a grunt and looked to Kitsunezaru. Taking a moment to note the sword, he nodded toward the lemur in silent understanding. "You're the...samu..rai? Big guy over there mentioned the word." With a glance to Smith, he shrugged. "Mind telling me what it is?"

For Echo and Whisper this almost felt like home, like they belonged. It had been a good many years since they last felt comfortable in a market place.

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