I don't get the joke

"You're Herth, huh? You seem far more friendly than Tsaa made you sound." Echo commented as he glanced back through the crowd. He had decided to keep an eye on the little samurai, concerned he may be hostile.

Herth chuckled. "Oh, speaking ill of me are we?" He shook his head at her. "Did I make that bad of a first impression?"

Tsaa's people were not capable of lying. Their language was more about body language and facial expression than words. They could refrain from mentioning something as a courtesy, but to tell an actual untruth was a concept unknown to her. At Echo and Herth's banter her discomfort was clear, the head crest lay flat again her skull, her coloring changed slightly, as if she wished to blend in with her surroundings and her tail wrapped about her right leg, the tip settling at her ankle as she turned away.

The warm gesture of greeting that she'd been prepared to make turned into something much more stiff and formal. She didn't understand. She didn't remember saying anything unkind. If anything she was afraid she had displayed too much interest in him before Echo and Whisper. To think that somehow she had slighted him made her uneasy and uncomfortable.

She was glad for the distraction provided by the smaller furry creature. The fact that he was wearing coverings and carrying a weapon of some sort determined that he wasn't to be thought of as food. He spoke some of the flat faced jibber-jabber and then made a sign in the language she understood. It was a bit rough, childish, like the girl's, but understandable. Tsaa dipped her head somewhat deferentially and made a sign of greeting. She did not bare teeth in the flat face greeting, she was afraid the smaller creature might think she intended to eat him.

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