she was glad for the distraction provided by the smaller furry creature. The fact that he was wearing coverings and carrying a weapon of some sort determined that he wasn't to be thought of as food. He spoke some of the flat faced jibber-jabber and then made a sign in the language she understood. It was a bit rough, childish, like the girl's, but understandable. Tsaa dipped her head somewhat deferentially and made a sign of greeting. She did not bare teeth in the flat face greeting, she was afraid the smaller creature might think she intended to eat him.

Watching with amusement everything going down he wondered how much more thing were going to get weird. The furry guy did speck in Japanese with a strange accent not the Smith Japanese was any good he had taken two years in high school that seem gages ago now. It could speak English as well and sign language of some sort. He recalled some of his Japanese. “Yoroshiku” says Smith with a slight bow but keeping his eyes on Kitsunezaru. “I am Chief Smith. I am who they call when things go wrong, when diplomacy fails, when things need to be fix. what are your intentions Master samurai ” He says in English he waited for Kitsunezaru reaction to see if it was Japanese he heard from him.

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