An offer

Takeda listened to the Major and Robert's exchange while looking out a window. Watching the strange birds and the little bit of wild life that came near the building below. Machine men made no sense to him. Much of this did not make sense to him. Wanderers, no structured government, no real laws. He was not a Ronin. He was Samurai like the men who were born before him in his family. He was sworn to the honor of his family, to protect the peasants, and defend the laws.

He sighed slightly then turned and walked over to Joe and the Major and asked, "Are you really willing to learn?" His tone was reluctant and intense at the same time. Sofi had made Takeda think about his young daughter and wife that died in a fire that was intended to kill him. He had started teaching his daughter the forbidden ways of the sword. Like Joe and Sofi, his daughter did not really understand tradition or honor. She tried, but she was young and wanted to please her father. Takeda had been fed on the way of the Samurai since his birth and it was all he knew. Having a daughter made it hard for him, but he loved her and tired for his wife's sake. His heart ached for them, he still hunted their killers. Maybe teaching these youngsters to defend themselves or even die with dignity might help him with his ghosts.

In Takeda's mind these westerns knew little of honor and less about discipline. It would be easier to teach monkeys to fight. Money's moved naturally, westerns had strange ways of letting their minds get in the way, Take their holding hands, walking, and stepping into battle.

"Given the right ores, heat, tools, and time, I can craft a blade," Takeda said, "But you have much to learn to protect her."

He leaned in to Joe and said in a possessively paternal threatening way, "Lesson one, no touch." Joe needed a clear mind and having his hands on Sofi meant the two of them were dealing with a wash of hormones that neither Joe or Takeda had even heard about. He also gave a disapproving look at the two cops and the tension going on between them.

Takeda worried that he would regret this choice he made. Teaching made him responsible for them and their actions. He even decide that he would help teach any of them if they wanted. He had been taught and learned from experience that teaching girls was much harder.

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