Monster Hunted

The monster let out a roar as the blasts to its knee crippled it. It limped around as the others continued to press their attack. Gil had stunned it with more of his gadgets while Jhonen and Matilda continued to pelt it with weapons fire. Ky had begun to use her psychic abilities to induce pain in the creature, further staggering it as it locked up in agony.

The overwhelming force was enough to finally bring down the beast. It collapsed into a heap on the ground. Soon it fell silent.

Gil let out a heavy sigh. "This is bad. The anomalies are getting more dangerous." He looked to Ky. "We better move fast, get to the outposts and reestablish the protective barrier."

Ky nodded, though her mind now wandered to the fact the morlocks had been the one to sabotage the outposts. They had grown bolder, and Ky was beginning to think it may have something to do with the fact that her father now knew of her presence.

Jhonen let out a heavy sigh and slung his rifle. "What the hell is going on here?"

Matilda went to her father and then glanced to the dead creature. "I'd say we're not the only things that got dropped here randomly."

Gil looked to the newcomers. "And you'd be right. Sorry for the sudden chaos, but such is the way of the Savage Lands. I am Gil, the resident Mr. Fix-it around here. This is Ky..."

Ky merely nodded to Jhonen and Matilda.

"I'm Jhonen Cross, this is my daughter Matilda. We just 'arrived' I guess."

Gil gave the man a sad smile. "Well I wish I could say you're safe here at The Tower, but that is no longer the case. I'm off to try and fix that right now, actually..."

"Then we'll help you." Jhonen said firmly.

"Father?" Matilda pulled her father to the side. "Should we be so eager to jump in with these strangers?"

"They seem like decent folk, Matilda. Besides... as a Dragoon I am honor bound to help those in need..."

"We are in need though..." Matilda said.

"Yes, and these people can provide shelter and information. Perhaps even a way back to Jericho..." Jhonen pointed out.

Matilda nodded. "Okay..." Then she turned to Gil. "We'll help you however we can."

Gil smiled. "Fine. Gather anything you need, I will have Tsaa here accompany you so that the vendors will recognize you as part of the team and grant you access to any resources you desire..." Gil then noted Jhonen's bionic arm. "And if need be, I can upgrade that arm of yours."

Jhonen smirked and raised his arm and looked it over. "I'm always happy for new toys..."

The creature was being dissected by the Tower's scavengers for useful pieces by the time the group was on their way to the first outpost. Gil felt more at ease knowing more people had joined the mission at the last minute, though whether they would be able to actually help was another matter entirely. This would be a test of their abilities here in the SL...


The Morlock Noble sat at his table, a map of the Valley laid out in front of it. The spots where the outposts were located had red exes crossing them out. Now it was just a matter of time until they sent Gil and no doubt Ky to address the situation. And from there, he would be in a position to capture them both...


Spock put a reassuring hand on the girl's shoulder. "Perhaps you should rest? This is all no doubt a trying day for you. The eloi will help you with whatever you need, they are caring creatures and will do anything you ask of them. And should you need, I will be in the library."

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