“ I am ensign Luna I’m not some mythical valkary. Keep your hands to yourself and stop staring at my wings my face is right here”

Hearing this Smith assumptions were right on the uniform but did not say anything right a way he just walks towards Gill.

“Gill when are we moving out, the sooner we deal with this the sooner we can get this mechanical nonsense fixed the sooner the people her will be safe to included Serenity” Luna said. She was starting to wonder whether leaving the child here was a good idea or not.

Resting his shot gun on his hip pointing up and the bottom showing he slid the pump back and started to reload. Giving a nod respectfully to Luna. “So Star Fleet, Ensign Luna, Ma’am, I am Senior Master Chief Jonathan Smith, Special Warfare” He said introducing himself. “if you need anything Ma’am Let me know he says slinging his shotgun pointing down. Turning to Gill “well heard you’re the team leader here, what’s the plan, Chief?”

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