"We have a job to do Jin if you hurt anyone here I’ll Kill you” she said warningly. She tuned and headed to gill. “ Coming Jin” she said as she approached Gil.

Jin'Lor tilted his head at Luna's threat with another frown. "I have no intentions of hurting anyone here." He stated and followed the winged woman to the group. "You do realize I was fighting that thing too, right?" There was a surprising calm in his voice as he persisted in speaking to her.

The moment they reach the group, though, Jin'Lor went silent and listened to them ask Gil their questions. He did not like how the soldier seemed to target Luna for his little speech, but said nothing of it. He was far more interested in staying on good terms with everyone, especially since none of them seemed to know his past.

The man would be much happier if no one knew his past.

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