Trap Sprung

The group found trekking to the first outpost to be simple, Gil found fixing it simpler. It was like for most of the day. Hiking through the jungle was uneventful until the third outpost, where things went eerily quiet.

"I don't like this..." Jhonen said. His grip tightened around the handle of his sword.

"We need to move fast then." Gil said, getting his tool kit out as he went about fixing things.

Ky was quiet the entire time. She could sense the morlocks, they were near. Watching.

"I feel like we're being watched." Matilda said.

"Yeah..." Jhonen said looking to Gil. "Patch it up quick if you can."

Gil grimaced. "I'm trying, they beat this one to hell..."

"Hurry, love." Ky said under her breath. "They are here... They're waiting..."

Jhonen frowned. "Why aren't they attacking?"

"They know we're stronger. We have weapons... skilled warriors."

Tsaa hissed and bared her teeth as she pulled her stone dagger out of its sheath. She would die for her godman if it came to it.

"Be on your guard..." Jhonen said.

Gil worked to finish the repairs quickly, the tension filling the ear with each minute the passed. The silence was deafening. No animal or bird calls could be heard and even the wind seemed to go dead.

"Got it." Gil said under his breath. "Let's move!"

The team pulled out quick, but that was when the first morlock erupted from the earth and charged at them. More followed it, bursting from the ground and attacking the group.

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