Just Keep Shooting

Echo kept close to Tsaa in preparation to protect Gil, deciding the lizard woman would be a good help in close quarters. He had, after all, basically been hired to protect the boy. There was also his sister, Whisper, who was hiding in the nearby trees with arrows notched and ready to shoot.

The team pulled out quick, but that was when the first morlock erupted from the earth and charged at them. More followed it, bursting from the ground and attacking the group.

Atsu had opted to change back to human form with some persuasion from Jin'Lor and his personal reasons. His more animal-like ear kept twitching at every sound, so the moment the first morlock came at them, he was fast to pull out his custom revolver and shoot at it. His free hand was reaching into his bag, grabbing for bullets.

Unlike Jin'Lor, he was not so fast to grab for the sword at his back. A look of pain seemed to be constantly etched on his tan face as kept shooting at the morlocks coming at them, reloading quickly. "Shit..."

Jin'Lor threw a knife into one's head as he sliced others coming close to him with the katana in hand. "The hell are these things?" He snarled.

Echo laughed as he slammed his axe into the back of a morlock. "I guess these are those morlocks mentioned before!"

"Morlocks?" Jin'Lor raised an eyebrow at Echo before stabbing his katana through the neck of one. "Look more like gorilla men to me..." Twisting the blade, he jerked it out to the side and stepped back from the creature. He continued to cut at more with his sword while keeping an eye on Luna.

As Echo continued to fight, he was glad to have Whisper shooting her arrows through the heads of the tall creatures. "Thanks for the back up, sis." He murmured with a hidden grin and kicked one of the morlocks away. "Hey, stop using that lead shooter and fight like a man, kid!"

Atsu grunted as he rolled away from an attack and reloaded the revolver. Frustration was written on his face as he took aim and shot again and again at the heads of morlocks. He did not want to use the sword if he could help it. If one looked into his three eyes, they could see a deep guilt hidden there.

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