Fight To The End

Smith was back up and firing the best he could he had dropped the shotgun and pulled bother wakers out firing them one at a time. It did not take long be for the Morlocks to figure out that he was only one man. The group of Morlocks rushed him. There was little he could do he fought dropping one after another until they took him down. He was on his back four or five on him as they try to rip him apart. He could not hold it any more he started to scream in pain as they broke his legs. He looked over most were on him and the others dead. He looks Gill in the eyes as people started to come his way. He shook his head now and yelled "Fire in the hole!" there was a loud explosion and parts of Morlock went everywhere. where he was all that was left was scorch marks on the ground and some other pieces of destroyed equipment.

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