Chaos descended on the group as the morlocks overwhelmed them. Jhonen had quickly switched to his sword and was hacking away at them while his daughter took a higher position on a platform on the station and took pot shots with a rifle.

The soldier had died. The explosion he left behind his final farewell into the hereafter all the while more seemed to be falling to the same fate.

Gil was trying to keep the morlocks at bay with a volley of stun shots with his slingshot, but he was soon running low.

Ky was the most vicious of them all, ripping through the morlocks with her sword, cleaving them in two, relishing in the blood and heat of combat. At last she could let loose, and rend flesh from bone and unleash pain. It was overwhelming.

So much so she didn't see her father strike her from behind, his presence masked from her senses in the fury and the lust.

"Ky! No!" Gil shouted as he rushed to her aid, he had put away the sling shot and was now coming at the morlock noble with a large wrench from his tool belt. The blow was caught by his pale hand and he smirked, almost impressed.

"You smell of her... my daughter... you have mated..." This seemed to impress him even further. "Whatever she sees in you... is lost on me..." He ripped the wrench from Gil's hand and struck him in the face. Gil went down, out like a light. "Take him... he may be... persuasive..." The morlocks answered their master and soon were dragging Gil and Ky back into the hovels from whence they came.

Tsaa saw her godman fall, and felt a rage burn in her heart. Her fringes flared, her dagger raised, she hissed as she tried to go for the noble. However, a metal hand grabbed her wrist and turned her around. Jhonen stood, bloodied and weary but still very much alive. "We need to go! There's too many of them! Come on!"

Tsaa continued to watch them take her godman. She hissed, but could sense the tone in Jhonen's voice. He had the aura of a leader about him, powerful, confident, yet not clouded by ego. And his daughter seemed as capable as he was. She eventually relented and followed.

With the call of retreat the others ran into the forest as well. The Noble watched before looking to another section of the forest where he had been holding his trump card should the warriors prove more capable... And saw no point in having a bit of fun.

"Hunt... Kill..." He said into the T. Rex's brain, it roared in response and The Noble grinned as he heard the massive thunder lizard stomp off after the fleeing Tower guardians...

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