Having to run had not been part of the plan, but both Whisper and Echo felt they could trust this Jhonen and his daughter. Choosing to follow, they went at a decent sprint. Growing up in a world of dangerous forests full of monsters made it quite easy for the siblings to maneuver such terrain.

Jin'Lor knew better and had followed as well, but soon realized Luna had not followed. He only stopped long enough to see the new threat coming for them. "Shit..." He muttered at the sight of the T. Rex.

Atsu stopped, animal ear twitching as he turned to face the great beast. A low feral growl escaped him as he let the others pass him. Bones cracked and snapped as fur tore through his skin and clothes, giving him no time to think as the beast broke free.

With a roar, Atsu rushed back toward the new threat.

Jin'Lor's eyes went wide with both shock and worry. "" He whispered, knowing the consequences this could bring upon the young man.

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